Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Movies Based on True Stories (A Vision of Murder the Story of Donielle)

The movie A Vision of Murder the Story of Donielle is based on the case of a real life psychic. The movie came to tv in the year 2000 as a movie based on a true story, and it stars Melissa Gilbert.

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  1. Donielle is a FOR REAL psychic! She helped my husband by pointing him in the right direction during a homicide investigation! He was able to solve the case thanks to her and was very appreciative! We reached out to Donielle when my husband's brother was murdered and she was 100% accurate in what she said about that crime. She also...without prompting told my husband that I had been sick and will be fine. I had a hysterectomy because of endometrial uterine cancer. At the time we were not sure what the outcome would be....but she was accurate in saying I would be fine! I am now over 8 years out and clear! I wish we could get in contact with Donielle. She has been a big part in our lives and we would like to thank her! We feel she is a friend!