Saturday, October 29, 2011

Donielle Psychic Connection to Doug Clark Case

According to Donielle she has been seeing visions since she was a small child. Most of the images in her head were very disturbing, and she often tried to suppress the thoughts.

The movie depicted a psychic by the name of Donielle. There was a real psychic connected to the case her name is Donielle Patton. At the time of the murders Donielle Patton was working as a dancer at the same bar that Doug often visited. She also stated that Doug would often talk to her....telling her the most intimate details of his intimate life. The name of the bar was Outrigger Bar, and it was located on Van Nuys Boulevard. The bar was closed at the time of the first murder. So many people discounted Donielle's story. Her story however was allowed into trial. At trial, Donielle testified, and she cried on the stand as she told the jurors how Doug often threatened her, and he told her that he knew where she lived. Donielle Patton has also helped in other murders and disappearances since these crimes occurred.

She now goes by the name Donielle Gordon